ETH surpasses its 2020 record and Bitcoin (BTC) surpasses $22,200

The cryptomoney markets have just experienced a significant jump since Bitcoin (BTC) crossed the $20,000 threshold.

We take stock of the big winners and what’s next on the horizon.

ETH surpasses its 2020 record and Bitcoin (BTC) breaks the $22,200 mark.

Bitcoin’s bull run carries the altcoins

The price of Bitcoin Capital yesterday passed the psychological bar of 20,000 dollars. This was a spark for all the cryptomoney markets, with Altcoins unanimously in the green this morning. Over the last 24 hours, the majority of the most capitalized cryptomoney markets have posted double-digit growth.

Ripple’s XRP has been the big winner since yesterday, with an increase of 26%, taking it to $0.56. It is however the only one to fall over the week (-3%). Over 24 hours, it is followed by the Litecoin (LTC), which takes +16% and now exceeds 93 dollars. Cardano (ADA) also shows a nice progression, at +11% and 0.16 dollar.

Among the altcoins that progressed the least, we find the Chainlink (LINK), which still jumps by +8%. As for Polkadot’s DOT and the Binance Coin (BNB), they progressed „only“ by +5% and +4% respectively.

Record over the year for ETH and ATH for BTC

It should be noted, however, that none of these altcoins are currently approaching record levels. The Ether (ETH) in particular has reached its record of the year, with 650 early this morning. But its price remains 55% lower than its historical level of January 2018, when it reached 1,448 dollars. The same goes for the top 10 Altcoins, which are at least -18% below their record levels.

But this is far from being the case for Bitcoin. Started like a rocket yesterday, it does not seem to want to stop its progression and reached this morning 22 200 dollars: never seen before! In a little more than a day, the progression has been stratospheric: the largest cryptomony has thus taken +15%:

Bitcoin BTC bull run

Bitcoin’s capitalization now exceeds $409 billion. Altcoins or not, the ancestor has just proved one thing: he is still the boss. Will he continue to progress or will he undergo a marked correction? That remains to be seen, so keep an eye on the prices of the biggest cryptomoney companies…